As a VRARE+ Member, you will become a part of an innovative group and represent VRARE World. VRARE+ Members not only have the opportunity to become an affiliate with VRARE, they also receive exclusive merchandise, monthly PayPal payments from the use of personal discount codes, and a discount on all VRARE products. At VRARE, you are not an ambassador. You are a valuable member that helps spread a positive message. The VRARE Team believes that diamonds are formed from pressure and the deeper that we fall, the further we will rise. 


Benefits of being a VRARE+ Member include:

- An exclusive +Pack filled with VRARE+ merchandise.

- 40% team discount code on all VRARE items

- PayPal payments from the use of your 25% Referral Code


To become a VRARE+ Member a one-time $150 payment is required. After the payment is received, an exclusive +Pack will be shipped new members along with detailed information on the full circle process of being a VRARE+ Member. Along with exclusive merchandise, each VRARE+ Member will also receive information on PayPal instructions and a discount on the entire VRARE store. VRARE+ Members will be featured on the VRARE website and social media platforms.


To join the team, purchase a VRARE+ Membership from the link below and include your email upon purchase to be added to the team. We will reach out to you within 3 business days of purchase. If you have any questions regarding VRARE+, contact VRAREHelp@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing your story and expanding the VRARE Team. Stay Rare.



Click Here to join the VRARE+ Team.